“Animated Sounds” – A Workshop by Luigi Allemano

Luigi Allemano, a Canadian musician and teacher of animation at the Concordia University -and one of the SAS 2017 delegates-, will present in Milan, with Irina Suteu, the Workshop “Animated Sounds”, on July 10 and 11, 2017.

The Workshop, both in Italian and English, will be an interdisciplinary event where participants will learn how to draw “animated sounds” on 16mm film stock.

The Workshop is part of the “Now Is the Time” festival (Milan, September 2-8, 2017), inspired by Norman McLaren’s films and curated by the cultural association Arkipelag and the artistic centre mare culturale urbano, in collaboration with the National Film Board of Canada.

For more information: http://maremilano.org/home/now-is-the-time-workshop/