Poster Session

What is a Poster and a Poster Session?

A poster allows you to publish short articles, research results, projects, case studies and make all this much more effective by using images, photos, pie charts, bar charts and so on.

A poster is not, usually, just a shortened version of a paper!

A poster is less formal than an oral communication as it is more interactive and discussed during informal moments.

A poster provides an opportunity to discuss the contents of your work directly with colleagues from all over the world it is therefore a good strategy to have a few copies of the poster, in A4 format, to leave to the most interested fellow participants  for future contacts.

Your Poster will be displayed in a common area during the Conference. Because viewers take only a few minutes to decide whether to study your poster in detail, you need to catch their attention and present the most important information and results of your work. Deciding what to include, then, is a key element in your poster’s success.

Further details, such as poster size, set up time and instructions, poster session timetable, will be sent in due time by the Organizing Secretariat.