Monday 3 July – Palazzo del Bo

12:30 Registration
Main Entrance
13:00 Welcome
Aula Magna
13:45 Welcome address
from the curators and exhibiting authors of the “Animazioni italiane” exhibition
Aula Magna
14:30 Harvey Deneroff Keynote
Gian Piero Brunetta
Aula Magna
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Keynote
Laura Minici Zotti

Aula Magna
17:00 Free Time Optional Guided Tour of the
Palazzo del Bo
18:30 Opening Cocktail
21:00 Keynote-Event
Janeann Dill

Cinema MPX
Free entrance – open to the public

Tuesday 4 July – Orto Botanico

8:30 Registration
Main Entrance
8:30-18:00 Poster session
Sean McComber-Eric Farrar; Cheryl Briggs; Vincenzo Maselli; Molinia Anne T. Velasco; Eija Niskanen
Presenters are invited to stand by their posters during breaks and lunches, to interact with the other participants
8:45 Welcome/Notices
9:00 Keynote
Tony Tarantini

10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 Round Table
From Student to Professional-Preparing the Practitioner
Moderator: Robert Musburger
Linda Simensky, Mihaela Mihailova, Tony Tarantini, Cristina Formenti, Maureen Furniss
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Panel A1
Education and Animation I
Chair: Amy Davis

Panel A2
Sala delle Colonne 1
Women in Animation: The Contemporary International Context
Chair: Bella Honess Roe

Panel A3 
Sala delle Colonne 2
Art and Technology in Digital Animation
Chair: Tony Tarantini

  • Davide Benvenuti
    Line stylization for 2D animation tools; reinventing Ronald Searle in the Digital Era
  • Nicolò Ceccarelli
    Expanding informative space with animation
  • Eric Patrick
    Numbers Don’t Lie: Animated Infographics Marketing and Propaganda
  • Corrie Francis Parks
    Peeling Back the Painted Onion: How Digital Workflow Changed the Paint-on-glass Aesthetic

Panel A4 
Sala Emiciclo
National Experiences in Animation I: the Far East
Chair: Hannes Rall

  • Shaopeng Chen
    Industrial Transformation and Aesthetic Exploration: China’s New Generation Cinema Animation
  • Zhijun Peng
    From Political Animation Features to Animation Features’ Politics: the Change of Chinese Animation Features
  • Love Asis Cabrera
    Marking of the Past: Surmount Unsuccessful Full Length Animated Film in the Philippines
14:40 Coffee Break
15:00 Panel B1
Education and Animation II
Chair: Tony Tarantini
  • Alba Montoya Rubio
    Use and Abuse of the Film Inside Out (2015) as Didactic Resource
  • Joe King
    Rock, Paper Scissors. Expanded Forms of Animation, its Use Within Live Stage Production and the Role of Research Knowledge Exchange within Live Projects
  • Timothy Jones
    What Next? Job, internship, and incubator placement in for-profit animation education

Panel B2
Sala delle Colonne 1
Researching the History of Women in Animation
Chair: Bella Honess Roe

  • Bella Honess Roe
    A Gendered Past? The History of Historical Research into Women in Animation
  • Caroline Ruddell
    The Crafty Animator: ‘Handmade’ Animation and Cultural Value
  • Malcolm Cook
    ‘Distributor As a Woman Proves Surprise’: Margaret Winkler and the Transformation of Early Animation History
  • Pascal Lefevre & Roel Vande Winkel
    A Belgian Tragedy? Rediscovering Nicole Van Goethem (1941-2000)

Panel B3
Sala delle Colonne 2
Animation and the 3D Digital World
Chair: Pierre Floquet

Panel B4 
Sala Emiciclo
National Experiences in Animation II
Chair: Giannalberto Bendazzi

  • Maitane Junguitu
    From ‘Justin Hiriart’ to ‘Ipar haizearen erronka’. Animating the Basque Whale Hunters
  • Nicola Stefani
    Moving Pinocchio from paper to screen. Illustration, animation and prototypal storyboarding in the Italian cultural industry
  • Steve Henderson
    Special and Earnest – What makes Ethel & Ernest the archetypical British Animated Feature?
  • Chris Pallant
    Do you speak Clanger? – An introductory history of the Smallfilms studio
16:40 Comfort Break
17:00 Panel C1
Education and Animation III
Chair: Timothy Jones
  • Ang Qing Sheng
    A painting-inspired approach to develop exploration in 3D Computer Graphics Visual Design
  • Qian Zhang
    The Hope of Chinese Animation
  • Zeynep Akçay
    Animating for a Preschool Interactive Film: A Case Study of How the Modular Logic of Interactivity Affects the Character Animation and Other Factors of Narrative Immersion

Panel C2
Sala delle Colonne 1
More Perspectives on Women and Animation
Chair: Alison Loader

  • Ruth Richards
    Animating Feminist Theory – The Body and Becoming
  • Birgitta Hosea
    The Digital Écriture Féminine: Cyberfeminism in Experimental Computer Animation
  • Gabriela Sá
    Female representation on mainstream animation film of the past 25 years
  • Paola Bristot
    Vox lunae. Inner Dynamics of Animation by Italian Female Artists

Panel C3 
Sala delle Colonne 2
Expanded Practices: from the Night Club to the Street – Animating Public Space
Chair: Pierre Floquet

Panel C4 
Sala Emiciclo
Early Animation
Chair: Tom Klein

Wednesday 5 July – Orto Botanico

8:30 Registration
Main Entrance
8:30-18:00 Poster session
Sean McComber-Eric Farrar; Cheryl Briggs; Vincenzo Maselli; Molinia Anne T. Velasco; Eija Niskanen
Presenters are invited to stand by their posters during breaks and lunches, to interact with the other participants.
8:45 Welcome/Notices
9:00 Keynote
Leonardo Carrano

10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 Panel D1
Experimental Animation: Forms and Contexts
Chair: Paul Ward
  • Miriam Harris
    Let’s Get Digital: The presence of “affect” in experimental animated music videos, films, and games
  • Lilly Husbands
    One Dimensional Animation: MTV Animation and The “Quasi-Artistic Venture”
  • Paul Taberham
    First Steps into the Avant-Garde
  • Paul Ward
    Experimental animation on television in Britain

Panel D2
Sala delle Colonne 1
Theoretical perspectives on the animated documentary
Chair: Cristina Formenti

  • Cristina Formenti
    Walt Elias Disney and the Animated Documentary of the Classical Era
  • Jacqueline Ristola
    Rotoscoping the Real: Philosophical Implications of Rotoscoped Animation in Animated Documentaries
  • Ohad Landesman
    Real Is As Real Feels: Towards a Phenomenological Understanding of the Animated Documentary

Panel D3
Sala delle Colonne 2
Animation and Movement: Exchange between Media
Chair: Erwin Feyersinger

  • Holger Lang
    Animated Memes: Rebellious Underrated Crossmedia Hybrids
  • Juergen Hagler
    Deviations and Anomalies at the Intersection of Animation, Media Art, and Technology
  • Franziska Bruckner
    Oberhausen Revisited: Animated and Hybrid Tendencies in the “New German Cinema”
  • Frank Gessner
    LEARNING FROM PADUA*ATELIER BERLIN MANIFESTO Pictorial Arts/Visual Arts/Bildkunst as a Meta-Language of the Art of Animation

Panel D4 
Sala Emiciclo
Objects, Bodies, Gestures
Chair: Amy Davis

  • Catherine Munroe Hotes
    The Art of Gesture: The Legacy of Traditional Puppet Theatre in the Stop Motion of Jiří Trnka and Kihachirō Kawamoto
  • Deborah Cameron
    Observation and the Inhabited Character
  • ChunNing (Maggie) Guo, Yuanbo Zhong
    The Glory of Women through Silent Paper-cut Animation: “Scissorhands” Lotte Reiniger’s Reflection through Body Language
12:00 Lunch
13:00 SAS 2018 Preview / AGM
14:30 Coffee Break
15:00 Panel E1
Making Animated Films
Chair: Hannes Rall

Panel E2
Sala delle Colonne 1
At the Boundaries of Abstract Art and Animation
Chair: Nichola Dobson

  • Alex Jukes
    Yves Klein: Animation and the Pictorial moment
  • Rachel Leah Walls
    Art, Animated. David Hockney: Current
  • Tom Klein
    Woody Woodpecker & The Avant-Garde: Émigrés and Counterculture in 1940s Los Angeles

Panel E3
Sala delle Colonne 2
Animation and “Reality”
Chair: Cristina Formenti

  • Jana Rogoff
    Fedor Khitruk’s Story of a Crime (1962): The Early Call for Sound Environmentalism
  • Alex Widdowson
    Contrasting the ethical responsibilities of an animated documentary director in three instances; when the subject of the film is identifiable, when the subject is anonymous and when the director themselves is the subject
  • Carla MacKinnon
    Production challenges in animated documentary
  • Henry Melki
    Beauty and The Beast: A Dynamic Relationship Between 3D Animation and the Adaption to Change

Panel E4 
Sala Emiciclo
Animation: Beyond Movement
Chair: Chris Pallant

  • Iveta Karpathyova
    Rotoscoping Design for Bodily Technique in Dance and Interdisciplinary Research on Animation as Embodied Practice
  • Jack McGrath
    The Movement Between The Frames: Limited animation and the un-scene between
  • Eric Herhuth
    The Animated Will: Understanding Thought and Action through Cartoons, Movement and Being in the World
  • Kirsten Moana Thompson
    Light, Color and Motion: Animated Materiality in Moana
16:40 Comfort Break
17:00 Keynote
Ron Barbagallo

18:00 Post Graduate Event
20.30 Conference Dinner
Ristorante Lo Zairo

Thursday 6 July – Orto Botanico

8:30 Registration
Main Entrance
8:30-18:00 Poster session
Sean McComber-Eric Farrar; Cheryl Briggs; Vincenzo Maselli; Molinia Anne T. Velasco; Eija Niskanen
Presenters are invited to stand by their posters during breaks and lunches, to interact with the other participants.
8:45 Welcome/Notices
9:00 Panel F1
Chair: Chris Pallant;John Parry; Dallim Park & Yumi Kim; Chehwan Seo; Lisa Scoggin; Constantinos Panayi; Rebecca Stanton

Panel F2
Sala delle Colonne 1
Animation and Memory: Forms, Methods, Contexts, Practices
Chair: Nicholas Miller
Respondent: Timothy Jones

  • Samantha Moore
    Colliding Realities: Animating Memories of Feet and Faces
  • Caroline Edasis
    Reframing Dementia: New Narrative Therapeutic Approaches to Aging and Elder Care
  • Melanie Hani
    Animation and Therapy: An Animated Therapeutic Intervention for People Who Have Developed a Restricted or Absent Autobiographical Memory When Suffering with Grief
  • Nicholas Miller
    Remains to Be Seen’: Animation and the Matter of Memory in Chris Sullivan’s Consuming Spirits

Panel F3
Sala delle Colonne 2
Animation, Time and Identity
Chair: Giannalberto Bendazzi

  • Dan Torre
    Revolving and Evolving: Cycles, Persistence and Time in Animation
  • Carmen Hannibal
    Metamorphic Identity Over Time in Pritt Pärn’s Some Exercises in Preparation for Independent Life (1980)
  • Fanny Bratahalim
    ‘Animation, Adaptation, and Diaspora’: the study of the Intermedial Movement of Animation in the Area of Adaptation from a Diasporic Perspective, and the Exploration of Diaspora through the Medium of Animation
  • Sarah Bowen
    Animated Movement through Cinematic Landscape – the Transitional Space Trope
10:40 Coffee Break
11:00 Panel G1
Death, Life, and (Re)Animation
Chair: Jason Kennedy
  • Lisa Bode
    (Un)Dead Poets Society: Jim Clark’s Animated Photography and Poetic Animism
  • Mihaela Mihailova
    Computer Anima(tion) and the “Soul-Glow” of Digital Visual Effects
  • Jason Kennedy
    The Protean Double: Critiquing the Screen Presence of Synthespian Counterparts
  • Gregory Bennett
    From animatronic to animation: the digital resurrection of historical figures

Panel G2
Sala delle Colonne 1
Narration and Voice in Animation
Chair: Nichola Dobson

Panel G3
Sala delle Colonne 2
Animation Archives
Chair: James Walker

  • Mette Peters
    Animation art: materials and meanings
  • Rebekah Taylor
    Materiality of Animation: Archival and Museum Standards
  • James Walker
    Great!!: Fragmented animation archives and forgotten collections
12:40 Lunch
13:40 Panel H1
Animation, the Double and the Uncanny
Chair: Marco Bellano
  • Steve Weymouth
    Good Robot, Bad Robot: Animation and Anthropomorphism in Human-Robot Interaction
  • Hongyan Sun
    Skin Flicks And Yet It Moves! —Haptic Image in Animation
  • Amy Davis
    Rotoscoping Uncanny Bodies: Animation Technology, Animation Aesthetics
  • Marco Bellano
    Animation and the “Uncanny Valley”: Estrangements and Returns

Panel H2
Sala delle Colonne 1
Science and Animation I
Chair: Cristina Formenti

  • Sophie Mobbs
    Soothing Pain through Animation: the Opportunities for the Animator’s Art to Treat Pain through the Medium of Virtual Reality Simulations
  • Alys Scott-Hawkins
    Hysteria – An Examination
  • Cátia Peres
    Out of Gravity – The significance of physics in Animation

Panel H3
Sala delle Colonne 2
Discourses on Animation Authors
Chair: Susan Ohmer

15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 Panel I1
Cartoons and Beyond
Chair: Maureen Furniss
  • Pierre Floquet
    And Yet He Droops! Seriality and Duplication in Droopy Cartoons
  • Maarit Kalmakurki
    Pixels, Princesses and Ogres. Isis Mussenden’s costume design process in 3D-animated feature film Shrek
  • Davide Giurlando
    The Weird Age: When Unpleasant and Provocative Animated Works Became Popular and Successful 
  • Maureen Furniss
    GKIDS and the Diversification of Animated Features in the US

Panel I2
Sala delle Colonne 1
Science and Animation II
Chair: Paul Ward

Panel I3
Sala delle Colonne 2
Sound, Music and Animation
Chair: Marco Bellano

17:20 Comfort Break
17:30 Keynote
Héctor Cristiani
Followed by: Special Award Ceremony – 100 years of full-length animated features – Massimo Rossi, 949 Creative Studio
18:30 Closing Remarks
19:30 Optional Final Event
The SAS 2017 Raffle!
Cafè El Pilar, Piazza dei Signori, 8

Friday 7 July – Optional Venice Tour